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Mixer Keys


32 channel Midas digital mixer

w/ built-in FX

 4 mains- (2)-Yamaha 15” 

(2)-Peavey 15”

2-floor monitors  - (2) JBL EON 10”

Drum Monitors – (2) JBL 12”

2 sets of studio monitor:

Yamaha HS8s and Event 20

2 drum monitors (aux 2)

1 Crate 15” and 1 Event 20/20 8”

     3 Subs- (2) –Yamaha 18”

(1) –JBL MRX 18”

     (3) mics, cables, and stands:

(Shure SM 58s with DR pro stands)

     Over 10,000 watts of power:

(QSC, Mackie)

1/8 jack for your mobile devices

     Bluetooth audio receiver

     (2) 31 band equalizers

     (2) 12 band equalizers



Bass Amp:

Eden 410 cab

with Harkte 1000-watt amp

Guitar Amps:

Fender Blues Deluxe 12" Tube amp

with Marshall 212 extension cab

Guitar Amp 2- Peavey

classic 30 tube amp

Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard is available

Drum set:

5 piece PDP Maple drum set by DW

3 double-braced cymbal stands

Rock-n-sock throne

DW Kick pedal

Double-braced hi-hat stand

Free-floating Hi, Mid and Low tom


24” Bass drum.

 (cymbals and snares available)

mixer,xlr,input ,interconnect,Audio jack


LA 610 Preamp

Art Stereo Tube Preamp

Neumann TLM 103

AEA Ribbon mic

Rhode NT1

Matched pair of Rhode NT5s

Audix Drum mics

Plenty of 57s and 58s

Plenty of headphones

Plenty of headphone amps

Recording booth with video talk back

50” 4K Display

32” Display in booth

2 Focusrite pro 40 interfaces

(40 in 40 out)

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